Rolls-Royce engine manufacturer could bounce back into green aviation

When the aerospace industry decides to offer greener engines, Rolls-Royce freezes the development of its new engine.

Lengine manufacturer English at abandoned and frozen the development of his last UltraFan engine on which he had invested 550 million euros. La global Covid-19 pandemic having been there.

Rolls-Royce Photo

Rolls Royce go try to bounce back and relaunch its activity thanks to electric hybridization from swe next engine. Thishim-this will bet more adapted to the flying taxis, and planes of very small capacities.

The e-Fan X electric aircraft demonstrator, developed by Airbus and Rolls-Royce, is unlikely to see the light of day as planned due to lack of budget. The two companies nevertheless decided to continue their efforts towards a carbon-free industry.

This is why the English engine manufacturer is moving towards a new type of engine, with a new growth lever : hydrogen.
In collaboration with theAircraft manufacturer Airbus, Rolls Royce unveiled three aircraft concepts. All are based on the use of hydrogen in both gas turbines, but also with fuel cells. They will be used for the generation of electricity within aircraft.

Rolls-Royce Photo

British engine manufacturer will develop its own engines running on hydrogen. It also goes propose to its customers all the production system of this energy source. L’Use of hydrogen by air transport requirese complex and heavy infrastructures that do not yet exist. The British engine manufacturer would be the first to offer this type of service.


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