Ronald Koeman: ‘We are still alive as a team’ | Football

The French international remained on the bench in southern Spain. Koeman did not need him as a substitute either. That fueled the rumors in the Spanish media that Griezmann is currently not doing well with the former national coach of Orange.

However, according to Koeman, there is no question of a diminished relationship with Griezmann. “It was a tactical choice to put him on the bench and certainly not intended as a measure against him,” assured the former international. “We wanted to bring more depth and speed to the team alongside Messi, so we decided to give Dembele a starting place. That worked out well. But Griezmann was certainly not punished. ”


Griezmann could possibly make his return to Camp Nou on Wednesday. Barcelona will then play against Sevilla again in the semi-finals of the Spanish cup tournament. Koeman’s team has to make up a 2-0 deficit. The league win in Seville in any case caused optimism in the Barcelona camp.

“We have shown that we are still fully alive as a team,” emphasized Koeman. “I am proud of our way of playing and the physical battle we have fought. We played a complete game here. ”

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