Ronnie continues without ‘Flex’: fans still have to get used to it

‘After this album I will remove the Flex from my stage name’, he tells his followers. And they are quite positive, although for some it takes some getting used to. We will not forget the ‘Flex’! Ronnie is very beautiful ‘, someone writes. Another: ‘In 20 years time I will tell my children about the legend ronnie formerly known as ronnie flex’. He is not the only one who responds with a joke to the name change. That’s also what TAFKARF is called: Prince used the abbreviation TAFKAP (The Artist Formely Known As Prince) years ago when he changed his stage name. ‘The artist formerly known as Flex’, Follower Hugo writes.

Ronnie, who is actually called Ronell Plasschaert, is also advised to just use his first name as the stage name. ‘You just have a dope real name, just continue under Ronell’, says Babbelaar. The name Lil Flex is also mentioned by a fan as an alternative.

Ronnie is completely over the moon by his sweetheart Demi de Boer. He told about it at RTL Boulevard:


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