RTL and Sky: Extensive streaming and content partnership announced

Sky Q is now also available as an app for many TVs.
Sky Q is now also available as an app for many TVs.

Mediengruppe RTL and Sky Deutschland are teaming up for a partnership in the areas of streaming and content. Customers of both companies should benefit.

What is part of the cooperation? From summer 2021, the app for RTL’s TVNow will also be available via Sky Q. You have to see here, because a rejuvenation treatment is planned for the brand: According to rumors, TVNow will become RTL +. Sky Deutschland also makes it clear that Sky Q customers also have free access to the on-demand programs of all free TV channels of Mediengruppe RTL, regardless of their membership in TVNow Premium.

But in return, RTL will also benefit from it, because Sky allows RTL to broadcast four selected Formula 1 races on free TV as part of a sub-licensing. However, all races will still only be available on Sky. In addition, the agreement, which was initially concluded for two years, also includes news access rights, which will enable Mediengruppe RTL to report on Formula 1 across channels.

According to Sky, it is now planned that RTL will start broadcasting the races with the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola on April 18. In addition, the station has secured the races in Spain (9.5.), Monza (12.9.) And Brazil (7.11.) As the next options – subject to current racing plan changes due to the corona pandemic. All races of the coming Formula 1 season can be seen on Sky on the new Sky Sport F1 channel and in UHD quality on Sky Sport UHD.

TVNow comes to Sky Q

Sky Q will in turn integrate TVNow Premium for booking in Germany and Austria from mid-2021 or, regardless of this, provide unrestricted access to the programs available on demand from all of the Group’s free TV channels. The content is available on demand for up to 7 days after it was broadcast. Sky would like to strengthen the position of Sky Q as an “all-in-one platform”.

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