RTL renames its streaming service TVNow to RTL +

TVNow is to become RTL + in the future
TVNow is to become RTL + in the future

The RTL group wants to rename the in-house streaming portal TVNow to RTL +. It is still unclear whether the new name will be accompanied by further changes.

RTL + may wake up memories in some people, because that was once the name of the main channel in the 1980s. Accordingly, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland also maintains a retro channel under this name. It is now likely that a renaming should be pending in order not to offer too much risk of confusion with RTL + and RTL plus.

The initiative is to run internally under the project name “RTL United”. It is ironic that the TVNow service was formerly known as RTLNow. Basically, you are now actually taking a step back by bringing RTL back into focus as a brand name. But it should take a while before the renaming takes effect: The changeover should take place within the second half of 2021.

In addition, the company’s brand world is to be repositioned. What exactly should happen in terms of branding is not yet entirely clear. It should be about a standardization that creates a better overview for customers and partners. A focus on the core brand RTL should also create a better position compared to the competition, which now includes not only other TV stations, but also streaming providers such as Amazon, Disney and Netflix.

RTL: Aim for a uniform appearance

RTL also wants to eliminate the uncontrolled growth of different logos and lettering. Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland will then appear as RTL Deutschland in the future. Brands like Vox or ntv should, however, remain in their previous appearance and profile. The TVNow brand was also chosen in 2018 because it was hoped to build a joint portal with other TV channels. But there was no common denominator and TVNow has remained an RTL portal. This is also reflected in the new name as RTL +.


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