RTL Z Crypto Episode 4 – ‘The Bitcoin Reformation’

In every broadcast of RTL Z Crypto, presenter Janneke Willemse talks with a special guest about cryptocurrency, strategy, risks and opportunities. This week she talks with Austin (Texas) resident Tuur Demeester, bitcoin pioneer and renowned analyst, about his paper ‘The Bitcoin Reformation.’

In this report, Demeester places bitcoin in a historical perspective. He defends the proposition that the Protestant Reformation was a revolution made possible by the printing press and the water beggars. At the time, it was essentially a matter of separation between church and state.

Demeester: “The bitcoin reform is a revolution that is made possible by the arrival of the internet and what you could call the bitcoin beggars. Instead of building a robust system via dams and dikes like five hundred years ago, the bitcoiners are building decentralized networks secured with inscription In fact, this revolution revolves around a separation between state and money.

How Demeester envisions the separation between state and money, what he thinks about the fact that central banks are now also working on their own cryptos, and what the greatest threat is? Watch the interview and get answers.

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