RTL Z Crypto episode 5 – Pitches

Already the third episode of the new program RTL Z Crypto, in which we talk about everything that has to do with investing in cryptos. Is this something that you as a serious investor have to do something with or is it mainly a bubble that has to burst at some point? This week’s three guests share their ideas in a one-minute pitch. Please note that all pitches contain ideas and are not individual purchase recommendations.

Ralph Wessels comes from the stock world, the ‘classic investor.’ How does he view cryptocurrencies? According to him, the discussion around cryptos shows that investing, in whatever form, matters. “If you say ‘Bitcoin is a means of payment’, then I go straight into the anchors. The way we use a euro in the supermarket, I think it is inefficient for that.” He still sees many bumps in the road. Doesn’t change the fact that he certainly believes in the decentralized finance development and tokenization. His advice? “Look at the business model, make sure you get returns and keep an eye on risks.”

Bart Mol takes the stage as second. He gives a small glimpse into the future. A future with digital money for everyone if it is up to him. As an anecdote, he takes his trip to El Salvador, the country where Bitcoin is legal tender. His credit card did not work, he did not yet have dollars in his pocket, but he could pay with Bitcoin. “Within ten seconds the transaction was completed and the saleswoman had her money and I had my sunscreen.”

Bert Slagter closes the round of pitches with a story about three groups working on the money of the future: central banks, large tech companies and open source cryptocurrency. “Money of the future is programmable money. It’s a great tool if it’s in the hands of a reliable party, but what if a government or a tech company does crazy things with the money? Then it’s nice that Bitcoin is an independent option for it Everybody is.”

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