RTL Z Crypto episode 6 – Towards a protocol economy

In every broadcast of RTL Z Crypto, presenter Rens de Jong talks with a special guest about cryptocurrencies, risks and/or opportunities. This week Ralph Wessels, head of investment strategy at ABN AMBRO, is visiting. He looks at the world of cryptocurrencies from an investor perspective and discusses tokenization.

The comparison between the internet and cryptos is often made. What does Ralph think of that? “From an investor’s point of view, it can be hugely successful. On the other hand, I think we are very ahead of the music. Because valuation is still very difficult, it is a difficult issue.”

Furthermore, the two talk about: What problem do cryptos solve? What would decentralization of our financial system mean? Is programmable money the future? And is the comparison between cryptos and digital gold appropriate?

Watch the full interview or sign up here for the next RTL Z Crypto Seminar.

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