RTL Z Crypto episode 7 – Pitches

We are already halfway through the series of RTL Z Crypto Seminar. Four broadcasts down, four more to go. Also in this episode, presenter Rens de Jong will talk to three experts from the cryptocurrencies environment. This edition focuses on the Central Bank’s influence on cryptocurrencies. In addition to discussing current events, the experts are each given one minute to share their ideas, (investment) tips or success story. Please note: all pitches contain ideas and are by no means individual purchase recommendations.

Wim Boonstra, special economic adviser at RaboResearch, emphasizes that you cannot become rich overnight – be it by investing in shares or cryptos. “If you invest, it is best to do so in a diversified portfolio. Never put all your assets in one currency or share, because then you are gambling, not investing. Spreading is the motto.” Whether Boonstra would ever do anything with cryptos from a financial point of view? “It’s better to buy Bitcoin than participate in a lottery.”

Then Axel van den Bogaard, crypto expert at BTC Direct, takes the pitch stage. Where we as a collective are often focused on Bitcoin, there are now more than 16,000 alternative cryptos. Etherium is the largest and an interesting one to keep an eye on, the expert said. “Think of it as the continuation of Bitcoin’s decentralized mindset, but with a broader view, namely a global supercomputer that has been decentralized. It is even seen as the precursor to the backbone of the new internet.”

Edin Mujagic, macro-economist, concludes the pitch round: “Judging by the sounds of the ECB, I think it is more likely that we will ride the Elfstedentocht on natural ice in Friesland on 31 July this year than that the savings interest will reach a decent level. It is therefore not strange to put savings to work.” His advice? “Look at the Fresh Fixed Income Fund.”

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