RTX 4000: Possibly without PCI Express 5.0 after all

Nvidia could do without PCI Express 5.0 in the upcoming Geforce generation in order to save costs.

Industry experts actually agreed that Nvidia would like to use PCI Express 5.0 as the connection interface for its upcoming RTX 4000 graphics card generation. According to the reliable leaker

Nvidia have now abandoned this plan. The exact reasons remain unclear.

PCI Express 5.0 as a power guzzler

By sticking to PCI Express 4.0, Nvidia still has 16 lanes with a gross bandwidth of 32 GB per second. The change from PCI Express 3.0 to 4.0 already ensured that there were hardly any advantages to be found in practice, although the interface can process significantly more data per second. It could be similar with the RTX 4000 generation. In principle, PCI Express 5.0 is possible with the new Nvidia chips, but the change would involve higher power consumption. Since the new GPUs from Nvidia already need significantly more power, Nvidia could have canceled PCI Express 5.0 without further ado. It can only be speculated to what extent at least the top models are connected via PCI Express 5.0.

Expected performance of the RTX 4000 cards

The fastest RTX 4000 card is expected to double the performance compared to its predecessor. The next smaller model, on the other hand, should only achieve the performance of the current top model. In addition, Nvidia wants to adjust the caches and in this way maybe tickle a little more performance out of the GPUs.

Will AMD follow suit?

Whether AMD also wants to do without PCI Express 5.0 in its upcoming graphics cards remains to be seen. Keeping PCI Express 4.0 would certainly have a cost advantage for PC buyers, since older hardware can still be used.

Geforce RTX 4000 and Radeon RX 7000 twice as fast

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