RTX 4090 at 3 GHz and 20,000 points in Time Spy Extreme

According to the first benchmark results, the new Geforce RTX 4090 is almost twice as fast as an RTX 3090.

With the RTX 4000 series, Nvidia plans to present its new graphics card generation shortly. Now the first benchmarks for the flagship Geforce RTX 4090 have appeared. The card is said to achieve an incredible 20,192 points in 3DMark Time Spy Extreme. In the test run, the card was supported by a Core i5-12400F, which has six cores and reaches 4.4 GHz in turbo. With an even faster CPU, the RTX 4090 could probably achieve an even higher score in 3DMark.

Much faster than RTX 3000 generation

But the values ​​are also impressive: Compared to the current Nvidia flagship RTX 3090 Ti, the RTX 4090 has a value that is 78 percent higher. However, if you use the previous model RTX 3090 for comparison, the benchmark value is even 90 percent higher.

Low temperatures

The leaked benchmark also allows conclusions to be drawn about the clocking of the graphics card. Accordingly, the RTX 4090 reaches a maximum of 3,015 MHz. However, this could not yet be the final value, after all, an unfinished engineering sample was probably used in the test. Anyone who is worried about the temperature of the card can also be reassured: The graphics card only reached 65 degrees Celsius in operation at an ambient temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The huge air cooler apparently keeps the temperatures in check. The TDP of the card is 450 watts.

Lots of cores, lots of video memory

Nvidia plans to present its new graphics cards to the public on September 20th. According to previous information, the RTX 4090 should have 16,384 CUDA cores, plus 24 GB of GDDR6X video memory, which is connected via a 384-bit interface.

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