Ruben Nicolai brings tears of happiness to De Erfgenaam

Normally Ruben still has to look for the heir in question, but this time it is already clear to whom the money belongs: the brother and sister of Sapikja Astamun. But that does not make the search easy, because there is nothing to be found about Mrs. Astamun in the Netherlands. Ruben therefore decides to go back to where it all started: Indonesia.

Ruben starts his search in Bangdung, a city of 2.7 million inhabitants and they have no idea they are being sought. Via an old neighbor, the puzzle pieces slowly fall together and they manage to track down the whereabouts of a niece. She is entitled to about € 9.2000, converted to 100 million rupees. “Thank you very much to everyone. God is great”, she expresses her gratitude to Ruben and his team. “It’s unpredictable.”

Eventually they manage to find another family member who can help them further with the second heir. Since Nonja, Sapikja’s sister, has passed away, the money goes to her children. The 82-year-old Miss Asmira is the only one of her seven children still alive and is over the moon with the news. “You give those people so much credit. If you look around here, you know that it will turn out so well”, Ruben says afterwards with tears in his eyes. “They can use it so well. It’s just beautiful.”

Watch the episode here.


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