Rumor: Apple will launch a foldable iPhone in 2023

Apple appears to be working on a foldable iPhone that it plans to launch in 2023. The device would have a screen size of 8 inches.

In the news: News of Apple’s plans for a foldable iPhone comes from the MacRumors website. They rely on information from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo based on manufacturers.

What can we expect? There have been rumors for some time that Apple – following many competitors – wants to bring a foldable iPhone to the market. However, it is the first time that they contain reasonably concrete information about what that smartphone would look like.

  • The first foldable iPhone would get an 8-inch QHD + flexible OLED screen. In terms of screen size, that is somewhere between the iPad Mini and the regular iPad.
  • The touch screen would use a silver nanowire technology. The advantage of this is that in the future the fencing offers the possibility to be folded in more than one place. For example, according to Kuo, Apple could take a lead on the competition.
  • Based on the capacity of the contacted manufacturers, it is estimated that Apple would enter the market with its foldable iPhone in 2023 with 15-20 million units.


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