Rumor: iPhone 13 will come with 1 TB of storage space

According to a new report based on supply companies, the next generation of iPhones would get a version with 1 TB of storage capacity. That is double the 512 GB that is the maximum capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro (Max).

In the news: They are analysts from the American investment firm Wedbush who, in a report (shared by 9to5Mac), based on data from the supply chain, say that the iPhone 13 series would have a storage option of 1 TB.

  • They thus confirm previous rumors from, among others, the YouTube account Front Page Tech.
  • It would immediately be the first iPhone ever to get 1 TB of memory. Until now, Apple has only provided that option in its iPad Pro tablets.

What else do we already know about the iPhone 13 series? The news of the possible expansion of the storage capacity is not the first rumor about the next generation of iPhones.

  • According to most reports, there would again be four models on the market: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • The launch is – as always with Apple – expected in the fall.
  • Most of the rumors so far are about display upgrades. For example, the large notch at the top would disappear and the iPhone 13 series may get an always on display.


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