Rumor: Netflix is ​​planning live streaming content –

According to recent rumours, Netflix could potentially expand into the live streaming space in the next few months.

Netflix is ​​currently working on a live streaming option for different content. The industry magazine Deadline claims to have learned this from circles close to the company. The new live streaming option would enable Netflix, among other things, to offer live content, such as the live meeting that aired recently on the real estate reality show Selling Sunset. For competition broadcasts, the live option would make audience voting possible.

Live stream for comedy festival next year?

The live streaming option would also lend itself to broadcasting live comedy specials. With the “Netflix Is a Joke Fest”, the streaming provider organized a live comedy festival for the first time this year. The event took place over several days in Los Angeles. There were performances by Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Burr and Ali Wong, among others. Netflix has taped many of the shows and plans to air them from May to June. Should the festival take place again next year, viewers may be able to tune in in real time via the live streaming option.

Disney+ already relies on live content

The competition never sleeps. Disney+ has already started live streaming content. In February, the streaming provider broadcast the Oscars live. The dance show “Dancing With the Stars” is also scheduled to start live on Disney+ this year.

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