Rumor: Nikon no longer wants to develop new DSLRs

According to rumors, the Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon only wants to concentrate on the development of mirrorless system cameras in the future.

According to a report in the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Nikon intends to withdraw from the SLR market in the long term. The company will therefore no longer develop and manufacture new DSLR models.

DSLMs enable compact designs

The mirrorless alternatives have been on the rise for a number of years. Their image quality now comes close to that of classic SLR cameras. Due to the lack of mirror construction, they also enable a lighter, more compact design. Nikon will continue to manufacture and sell its existing DSLR product family, according to Nikkei. However, there will no longer be any new models. Instead, the Japanese company should rely on mirrorless system cameras.

Nikon does not confirm plans

Nikon has not yet made an official announcement. In a statement, the company only confirmed that the production, sale and service of digital SLR cameras will continue. According to Nikkei, Nikon sold more than 400,000 SLR cameras last year alone. In June, however, the Japanese company announced that it was discontinuing two budget DSLR models, the D3500 and D5600.

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