Rumor: Nintendo Switch Pro is said to offer exclusive games

There are media reports on the Nintendo Switch Pro that are well-founded, such as those by Bloomberg journalist Takashi Mochizuki. And then there are rumors from “insiders” that you have to be more careful with. Eurogamer has picked up on such a rumor from insider “NateDrake”, which has, however, been distinguished by correct leaks in the past. If you can say that.

For example, “NateDrake” has announced that the suspected Nintendo Switch Pro will offer some selected “exclusive games”. And of course he doesn’t mean games that appear exclusively for Nintendo consoles. But games that only work on the new Switch Pro.

“There will be some selected exclusive titles, especially from third-party providers,” writes “NateDrake”. “It may not be a large number, but I know of at least one.” In another post he says that Nintendo does not want to position the Switch Pro as a new model, but as a revision. “A premium model, if you will,” he says.

Memories of the New 3DS

Of course, we feel the same and a little reluctantly to be reminded of the New Nintendo 3DS, which, as a more potent handheld, could exclusively play the “New 3DS” games. That pissed off many fans. And fortunately also third-party manufacturers who did not want to do without the huge hardware base of the “normal” 3DS devices and who developed next to no “New 3DS” exclusive game. Apart from Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Fire Emblem Warriors, there were hardly any noteworthy publications.

On the one hand, such a model could pave the way for third-party blockbusters, at least of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One generation. On the other hand, owners of the “old” switch then look into the tube. It would be really spicy if Nintendo supported the “Switch Pro” with exclusive games. Would you still support such an exclusive model?

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