Rumor: Nvidia lowers GPU prices for board partners – graphics cards soon cheaper?

The production costs for GPUs and video memory are said to have fallen by eight to twelve percent. This should soon ensure cheaper graphics cards.

As Wccftech reports, Nvidia has probably quietly, quietly and secretly lowered its prices by eight to twelve percent compared to the board partners. These should pass the price reduction on to the system integrators and dealers, which would mean that the prices of GPUs could continue to fall. This is in complete contrast to the report from January (to the article) when Nvidia officially increased the prices for its own Founders Edition GPUs by five to six percent.

It may be some time before we feel the price drop, after all, the graphics cards have yet to be produced and make it onto the shelves of retailers, but this is very good news, especially for gamers.

Nvidia reduces prices by up to 12 percent

Ever since the release of the first RTX 3000 and RX 6000 GPUs, the graphics card market has been plagued by bottlenecks and high prices due to a mix of chip shortages, logistics problems and booming demand from cryptocurrency miners. As a result, retailer prices for graphics cards were often double or triple the official RRP. In the last few weeks, however, prices have fallen sharply, which is likely to be related to the larger supply and the fallen Ethereum price.

In a separate article, we reported that Nvidia GPUs have dropped by a whopping 18 percent in the last few weeks, and it looks like prices are set to fall even further.

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Wccftech has got wind of the fact that Nvidia has announced to board partners such as ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI that the costs for the production of graphics and memory chips have been reduced by eight to twelve percent. According to the source, the manufacturer wants to pass these cost savings on to the AICs, which in turn should sell the finished graphics cards to the system integrators and dealers at lower prices. Provided traders follow suit, this price cut should impact market prices shortly.

Wccftech cites other reasons why GPU prices are likely to fall in the coming weeks:

  • First, the yield of Samsung’s 8 nm manufacturing process has increased and second, according to rumors for the RTX 4000 GPUs (read the article), Nvidia is supposed to switch to the 5 nm process from contract manufacturer TSMC. This would mean that the two generations will not cannibalize each other in production.

  • With Arc Alchemist, Intel is the third player to enter the graphics card market on March 30th – we reported. Even if initially only the laptop GPUs will be released and the desktop graphics cards will only follow in the second quarter, a third provider should have a positive effect on the offer and the price.

  • The Ethereum mining process was originally supposed to be switched from the “Proof of Work” concept to “Proof of Stake” at the end of last year (read the article) . The computationally intensive search for suitable hashes is then no longer necessary. Instead, a minimum amount of ether must be deposited for validation. In addition to coins for confirming truthful blocks, incorrectly entered results lead to the deposited ether share being reduced. However, this update was postponed to the second quarter of 2022, which is why demand from miners is likely to drop again significantly.

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