Rumor: Nvidia tests AD102 GPU with 900 Watt TGP and 48 GB video memory

Information about a test board of an Nvidia Ada Lovelace SKU with the AD102 graphics chip in full configuration has appeared on Twitter. Accordingly, the model should be equipped with two 16-pin power plugs, which are TGP at an enormous 900 watts and the GPU is supported by 48 GB GDDR6X video memory.

Rumors about Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 4000 graphics cards, aka Ada Lovelace, have been floating around the web for a long time. We have summarized all leaks for you in a separate article. Accordingly, it is an open secret that the power consumption of the next generation could be significantly higher than the already lush 450 watts of the RTX 3090 Ti. For a possible RTX 4090, there is always talk of a TGP of 600 watts. A tweet has now appeared on Twitter with information about a developer board from Nvidia, which is equipped with two 16-pin power connectors and whose TGP is an enormous 900 watts. Whether this is possibly an RTX 4090 Ti or even a TITAN graphics card is unknown.

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AD102 SKU with 900 watts TGP, dual 16-pin power connectors and 48 GB GDDR6X VRAM

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Get your hands on information about a developer board from Nvidia. This is an AD102 SKU in full configuration, which has two 16-pin power connectors, which means that the TGP should be a whopping 900 watts. That would be twice as much as the already very power-hungry RTX 3090 Ti. In addition, the GPU should have 48 GB of GDDR6X video memory with 24 Gbps. However, it is unknown whether this is a possible RTX 4090 Ti or even a TITAN successor. The leaker himself states that it is not even certain whether a final product will emerge from it at all, since the test board even offers space for more 16-pin power plugs.

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kopite7kimi confirms the already known information about the RTX 4000 line-up. The RTX 4090 should also be based on the AD102 graphics chip mentioned above; whether the full expansion will be used remains questionable. The GPU is said to be supported by 24 GB GDDR6X video memory with 21 Gbps and the TGP is 600 watts. The RTX 4080 is the AD103 with 16 GB of GDDR6X VRAM and a power consumption that is comparable to the GA102. This is used on the RTX 3090 with 350 watts and on the RTX 3090 Ti with 450 watts. Below is the RTX 4070 with AD104 chip with 12 GB GDDR6X video memory and a TGP of 300 watts.

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