Rumor: RTX 4000 flagship with 18,176 Cuda cores, 48 ​​GB VRAM and 800 watts

New rumors have surfaced about the flagship of the upcoming RTX 4000 GPUs based on Ada Lovelace. These speak of a specially developed board design, 18,176 Cuda cores, 48 ​​GB GDDR6X video memory and an enormous power consumption of 800 watts with two 16-pin connectors.

Almost no week goes by with new rumors about the upcoming RTX 4000 GPUs codename “Ada Lovellace”. The latest leaks concern the flagship, which

referred to simply as “the beast” in his tweet. Considering the technical specifications of 18,176 Cuda cores, 48 ​​GB of GDDR6X video memory and an estimated power consumption of 800 watts, this description is more than accurate.

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The graphics card dubbed “the beast” by kopite7kimi really has it all. The underlying board design is said to differ from that of the RTX 4090, because we are talking about the PG137-SKU0, whereas the RTX 4090 is said to be based on the PG139-SKU330. The cause should be hidden in the tweet a few lines below, because the leaker assumes a power consumption of an insane 800 watts.

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The 450 watts assumed for the RTX 4090, on the other hand, seem downright efficient. At the same time, this number also requires a completely new circuit board design with two 16-pin connectors and an adapted power supply.

It also remains questionable how this enormous waste heat is to be dissipated, but apparently Nvidia is working on a reference design with three fans for the AD102 graphics chip.

In the other technical specifications, kopite7kimi names 18,176 FP32 units, resulting in 142 streaming multiprocessors (SM). It shouldn’t even be the full expansion of the AD102, because previous rumors assumed 144 SMs and 18,432 Cuda cores. Nevertheless, that is almost eleven percent more computing units than assumed for the RTX 4090. The GPU is said to be supported by an enormous 48 GB of GDDR6X video memory with a clock speed of 24 GB/s. This corresponds to a doubling of the rumors about the RTX 4090 and the VRAM should also clock higher. All of this information is consistent with a test board that surfaced at the end of April, according to kopite7kimi.

However, the leaker avoids an interesting question with his tweet: Is the GPU mentioned the RTX 4090 Ti or a possible Titan successor? With Nvidia’s first TITAN graphics card celebrating its tenth anniversary on February 19, 2023, it would be a more than worthy occasion to launch a successor based on “Ada Lovelace”. The amount of video memory also speaks for a graphics card that is primarily aimed at creative users and less at gamers. In any case, kopite7kimi assumes that Nvidia is working on a new titan.

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