Rumor: Samsung is working on cheaper Galaxy Z Flip Lite

Samsung seems to want to work on a slightly cheaper foldable smartphone in 2021. Several sources report that the company has plans to release a kind of Galaxy Z Flip Lite on the market. That device would have a lighter processor and not be compatible with 5G, but a much lower price tag than that of its predecessor.

In the news: Ross Young, display market analyst, shared information about a future smartphone named Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite last week. The Galaxy Club website confirms that news and immediately comes with the model number of that new smartphone. Based on this, it can immediately be predicted what we can expect from this more affordable one foldable.

Which device is it? This cheaper foldable smartphone seems to be a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

  • In addition to the Galaxy Fold, Samsung also released the Galaxy Z Flip in early 2020. That was their first smartphone that opens upwards instead of to the side.
  • This Z Flip is expected to get a successor next year. According to rumors, it would be called Galaxy Z Flip 3 because there were two models of the first version, with and without 5G.
  • However, it now appears that this Z Flip 3 would also get a version without 5G. This is the conclusion of the Galaxy Club website from the model number SM-F720F.
    • That F at the end indicates that it is a 4G / LTE phone. Devices with 5G have a model number that ends in B.
    • Moreover, the F also points out that it is a model for the international market. We will therefore also be able to buy the device in Europe.
  • If Samsung chooses to market a new device without 5G, the smartphone will automatically have an older processor. The last high-end LTE-only processor that came on the market is the Snapdragon 855 Plus. That is exactly the same processor that is used in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Optionally, you can also choose the Snapdragon 865 with an LTE modem or the Exynos 990, which is used in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.

Although will this Z Flip Lite cost? Concrete information about the price that this future device is not there yet. Analysts predict that this price could possibly be below 1,000 euros. With that, Samsung would break an important symbolic boundary for one foldable smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip cost 1,500 euros at the launch and still has a price tag of 1,349 euros.

When can these Z Flip Lite expect? We will probably have to wait for Samsung the next generation foldables proposes. Most rumors expect it to launch in May or June.


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