Run on firewood: ‘Phone red-hot since news about gas price rise’

Prices of gas and electricity have risen sharply in recent weeks, and will rise further in the coming months. The price of electricity is also rising rapidly.

And that has its influence: it turns out that people are remarkably interested in firewood. Several wood sellers speak of a ‘huge’ demand., a timber trade in Maasbracht, sees a doubling of orders compared to last year. “We were a bit prepared for an increase, but we did not expect as fast as it is going now,” said a spokesperson.

But the wood seller does not count himself rich: because the suppliers also ask more and more for the wood. “It is a challenge for us. We get wood from Eastern European countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and Serbia. There is a scarcity, it is also more difficult for them to get wood. When we place an order, we see a price increase.”

Pass on price

This must be passed on to the customer. “That’s a shame. It’s different every day, and the conditions are also changing. The demand is high, the supply small. Depending on the product, the price has increased by 20 to 30 euros per pallet. We also notice that customers often some cheaper wood.”

Not all wood is currently available from the company. The timber trade also sees that its competitors are implementing a price increase. “It’s a problem with everyone.”

A spokesperson for from Pingjum in Friesland says that when the rising gas prices were in the news, the telephone was red hot. “It’s crazy. Many people also ask about the developments.”

Out of Stock

This company is also dependent on wood from Eastern European countries. “You notice that it is becoming scarce. But we are doing our best. But so far the delivery has not been an acute problem.”

A number of companies, including the Haardhout Company from Almere, see that certain types of wood are no longer in stock. “Since it has been known that gas prices are going up, an enormous amount has been ordered. It has also become more expensive for the customer, because our suppliers are also asking more and more for it.”

Milieu Centraal: burning wood is not recommended

The independent information organization Milieu Centraal does not consider the increase in firewood sales a good development. It is not recommended for two reasons, says Paulien van der Geest. The first reason: burning wood creates harmful substances in and around your home.

“It is bad for the health of your own family, and also for that of your neighbors,” says Van der Geest. The combustion releases harmful substances such as particulate matter, carcinogenic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heavy metals.

Second, burning wood is not sustainable. Van der Geest: “A fireplace is the worst: 90 percent of the heat goes out of your chimney. With a wood-burning stove that is 60 to 80 percent. The purchase of such a fireplace also costs a lot of money, and can never serve as main heating. A pallet stove is the least bad choice in that regard, because 85 percent of it is still useful.

If you do not yet have a wood stove or fireplace, Milieu Centraal advises against opting for one. “In that case, rather put your money into making your home more sustainable.”

If you can be more economical with your energy consumption, you will notice this immediately in your wallet. According to Milieu Centraal, an average household will pay 600 euros more per year for gas if the price goes up by 50 cents. With a 10 cent increase in the electricity price, that is 270 euros.

Van der Geest points out the ‘little things’ that can save you money. “If you keep all doors closed in the winter and only heat rooms where you spend a lot of time, you will save 240 euros in a year. If you set the thermostat to 15 degrees, that is 180 euros per year. Not just your bedroom. stoking it up, you already save 80 euros. Anyone who uses it smartly quickly earns money back.”

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