Run on home sports equipment, bike trainers sold out worldwide

If you want to buy a bicycle trainer this autumn, you have to be patient: ‘It’s your turn next year’. The devices where you can hang your racing bike so that you can train indoors are sold out everywhere.

The scarcity is also noticeable on Marktplaats. Bicycle trainers of up to four years old are offered at new price.

Crammed containers

The shortage is a result of the corona pandemic. Due to the lockdown, factories in China, where many parts come from, came to a standstill.

“The factories are now running again, but now transport to Europe is faltering,” says Job Pijpers of 2moso, a company that imports bicycle trainers of the American brand Wahoo. The containers that go from Asia to Europe are packed.

Shudder before the gym

While the supply is stagnating, the demand for home sports equipment has exploded. Home sports is popular. “Gyms have of course been closed for a while with the lockdown and now that they are open again, you can see that people are reluctant to go there,” says Joep van de Ven.

His webshop, offers articles for home sports, such as treadmills and cross trainers. “Our turnover has increased from 10 to 25 million euros this year”, says Van de Ven.

Dutch glory

The Dutch Truekinetix, founded in 2016, is also taking full advantage of the home sports trend. Last month, the start-up launched a robotized indoor bicycle.

This machine, in which a robot ensures that the pedals have exactly the right resistance, costs 3,250 euros. If you want one, you have to join the back. Delivery time is 8 weeks.

Dumbells and pilates rings also signals a run on home sports equipment. Fitness products such as dumbells and pilates rings were sold more than twenty times more at the start of the corona crisis than in the same period last year. Although gyms are open again, the demand still remains over four times higher.

Investors are sensing opportunities in the home sports market. The Chinese fitness app Keep, which offers online sports exercises, reached 67 million euros in May. With this, Keep grew into a unicorn, a company worth more than a billion.

Hip yoga pants maker

Zwift received about 400 million euros in growth a few months ago. This software company creates a virtual cycling world for indoor cyclists.

Lululemon, maker of hip yoga pants, put half a billion euros on the table in June for the start-up Mirror, which makes a kind of full-length mirror and iPad in one, with which interactive yoga classes can be followed.

Staggering increase

Investors are also enthusiastic about home sports, despite the delivery problems. The share price of Peloton Interactive, a supplier of interactive fitness equipment, has increased by about 200 percent on an annual basis.

In the first quarter of the broken financial year 2021, turnover rose by 230 percent to 636 million euros. The eight-year company now has a market value of 26 billion euros.


Great for all those companies, but the consumer who is waiting for his bicycle trainer must therefore make a surplace. “We expect to be able to deliver again in early 2021. All backlogs will not be cleared until April”, importer Job Pijpers expects.


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