Rune Factory 5 introduces new marriage candidates and city dwellers

A few weeks ago we were allowed to take a look at the first marriage candidates Rune Factory 5 catch. Now Marvelous is stepping up and showing us the two possible hearts of Lucy and Cecil. We also receive initial information about the townspeople Simone, Terry, Hina and Julian.

These are the marriage candidates

Lucy has been Priscilla’s friend since childhood. She is active, takes care of Priscilla and constantly challenges the protagonist to competitions. She can make friends with people very quickly, but she also often feels alone.

Cecil is Martin’s younger brother and wants to become a detective one day to find his missing parents. So every situation can become one of his cases. He loves his brother Martin deeply, even though the two have distanced each other since childhood.

Who still lives in the city?

Simone is both the mayor and a doctor. Her patients come first, but she tests new drugs without hesitation. Still, everyone trusts her. Terry, on the other hand, is a well-informed detective who loves to uncover mysteries. He loves action.

Hina is a little girl who is half animal, half human and was saved by the protagonist. She is impulsive and quickly changes interests. Hardly anyone can see through it. Julian is Simone’s son and Lucy’s younger brother. He likes to go exploring, but gets lost very quickly. He wants to make a good impression on Hina.

A new love is like a new life

In Rune Factory 5, the male or female protagonist has lost his memory and ends up in the strange city of Rigberth, which is located in the middle of nature. There he spontaneously joins a group of orderly rangers and his life takes a new course. His tasks include cultivating land, defending the borderland or fishing in the river.

You can also team up with city dwellers to unleash powerful combo attacks that you can use to defeat opposing monsters. The monsters can also be tamed if you want to add them to your ranks. Of course, as in other parts, you can find friends and your great love. Of course, you also have to build and manage your farm.

Rune Factory 5 will be released in Japan on May 20, 2021 for Nintendo Switch. In the west, the release will take place later, but still in 2021. There will also be a limited edition, which in addition to the game and packaging, an artbook with 60 pages, a soundtrack selection with 15 songs and a costume DLC with 13 costumes, which on based on the marriage candidates of Rune Factory 4.

via Gematsu, images: Rune Factory 5, Marvelous, XSEED / Hakama


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