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Rupert Grint: “Filming for Harry Potter for 10 years sometimes felt suffocating”

Rupert Grint starred as Ron Weasley in the films of Harry Potter. That role put him on the world map and led to his breakthrough as an actor. But making eight films in ten years is of course a tiring process. And Grint is now talking about this in a podcast.

A total of ten appeared between 2001 and 2011 Harry Pottermovies. For us they came every one or two years, but for the actors that meant filming every day for ten years. When one movie was finished, filming began for the next. And that was a grueling process, especially for the three protagonists.

Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint was a guest on the podcast Armchair Expert from Dax Shepherd. He spoke about his time there Harry Potter. And it was not always rosy and moonshine, it turns out. “There was a period when it felt quite suffocating,” explains the actor. “It was a tough period, because it was every day for ten years.”

But in the end, the actor does look back positively on the years on the set of the Harry Pottermovies. “It was a great experience. There was a family atmosphere on set. Always being the same crew made it feel like we were growing up together so it was a great place to be. But towards the end I did feel like I wanted to do something else, see what was left outside Harry Potter. ”

Return to Ron Weasley?

A few months ago, Rupert Grint announced that he would like a return to Harry Potter. He said that in an interview with Comicbook. “I don’t know,” said the actor. “But never say never. I would never say, ‘Absolutely not’. ”

“It was a big part of my life and I cherish the character and his stories. So yes, I would be open to it. I don’t know how that would be, but yes, we’ll see. ” Rupert Grint is now 32 years old. He became a dad for the first time in May 2020.


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