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Russell Crowe as a psychopath behind the wheel Movie

First he keeps a bloody house. To climb out of the wheel of his much too big car afterwards.

Oscar winner Crowe literally and figuratively lends weight to this unhinged figure. In this role he is at the same time thoughtful and unpredictable: a terrifying combination. Rachel (Caren Pistorius) also discovers this, who already has a bad day. Embroiled in a divorce and too late for a work date, she and her son (Gabriel Bateman) plunge into the backseat in the busy morning rush hour.

At a traffic light she impatiently horns a little too emphatically at the dawdling Crowe, thereby calling his anger upon her. Especially if she does not want to apologize for her blunt traffic behavior. He promptly promises to make her life hell.


The parallels with the Dutch Tailgating (2019) by Lodewijk Crijns are striking, but the echoes of Joel Schumacher’s Golden Palm winner Falling down (1993) and Steven Spielberg’s early thriller Duel (1971) also inevitably resound in it. Director Derrick Borte, meanwhile, makes a flashy attempt to explain the events from a crazy society, in which an abundance of stimuli and stress pushes people to the limit.

Only: Crowe’s character is already completely mad and increasingly turns into a sadistic psychopath. Which squeezes the idea of ​​a “normal” person going crazy, like Michael Douglas did in the superior Falling down. Stripped of such empty pretensions remains Unhinged however, an exciting cat and mouse game full of recognizable traffic stress. Because you will only honk the wrong horn.



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