Russians are afraid of their vaccine: Putin now wants to be vaccinated

putnik / Aleksey Nikolskyi / Kremlin via REUTERS

At the beginning of December, a voluntary vaccination program with “Sputnik V”, the vaccine against the coronavirus developed in Russia, started in Russia. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov announced on Sunday that President Vladimir Putin will also be vaccinated.
“He made this decision and is waiting for all the formalities to be completed,” said Peskow, according to the website of the state broadcaster “Rossija 1”.

However, the Russian population distrusts its own vaccine. Despite the 500 deaths every day – probably more than is officially announced – hardly anyone wants to be vaccinated. According to a state survey from the summer, 58 percent of Russian citizens do not want to be vaccinated with “Sputnik V”.

The Moskow Times reports that in December just 1,000 people a day in Moscow volunteered for a vaccination. For comparison: From mid-January, 20,000 people in Berlin will receive a vaccination per day. The reason for the skepticism against the vaccine “Sputnik V” are the many and strong side effects.

Headache, chills, fever and muscle pain

Allegedly, there should be almost no side effects, according to the state television channel “Russia Today”. However, vaccinated people report the opposite: A reporter for the Kremlin-critical newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” reported after the vaccination of “severe headache, fever and excruciating pain in the Inoculation site “. He was in pain for 36 hours and even had to stay in bed because of the fever. Ten days after the vaccination, an antibody test showed that it had an extremely high corona value – as high as if it had been through a corona infection.

A journalist for “Deutsche Welle” even had to take anti-fever medication to counter the side effects. After his vaccination, he developed chills, muscle pain, and a 38.6-degree fever.

As one of the first countries on the continent, West African Guinea has started corona vaccinations. National television showed ministers being vaccinated in the presidential palace on Wednesday evening. According to the information, they were injected with the Russian preparation “Sputnik V”. “We hope that this vaccination will be passed on to the rest of the population,” said Parliament President Amadou Damaro after the vaccination.

In September, Russian researchers presented the world’s first vaccine against the coronavirus. Experts from all over the world had reservations about “Sputnik V”. In the vaccine study there were conspicuous duplications that could indicate manipulation.

It remains to be seen whether the fact that President Putin himself will be vaccinated with “Sputnik V” will calm the citizens and motivate them to vaccinate.



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