Rutte treats Trudeau to a cheap dinner, pulls wallet for Macron’s trip

In total Mark Rutte declared 803 euros and 32 cents for the work dinner for the 13 people that made up the company. Besides for Trudeau and himself, Rutte also paid the bill for the Canadian delegation. Converted it was less than 60 euros per person.

mineral water

A possible reason that the bill was so low is that little alcohol was consumed. “Mainly French mineral water was consumed. A few had a glass of wine, but they also had limited time,” Michel Kentis of the restaurant told RTL Z. According to a journalist who spotted the two prime ministers, Trudeau drank a glass of bubbly.

The group received a selection served from the map. It serves typical French dishes such as foie gras, confit de canard and frogs’ legs fried in garlic.

exciting evening

In the restaurant within walking distance of the Torentje, they look back on a successful evening. “We don’t often get (foreign) prime ministers over the floor, so that’s why it was exciting for us,” said Kentis. “Especially because we are not a suitable business for large groups.”

Still, according to Kentis, everything went smoothly. “Just like any other guest, they experienced Pastis as it is: tasty casual food without fuss.” Other guests were also present in the business, according to a photo that Trudeau’s office posted online.

Up and down to Paris

For the catch-up session with that other French-speaking world leader, Rutte, who was still a caretaker at the time, declared a considerably higher amount. For the visit to Emmanuel Macron on August 31 last year, a private jet from the company Jet Netherlands was hired.

The costs for hiring were divided among all passengers, Rutte’s share amounted to 1476.92 euros. The RVD does not report how many more people flew along.

The train was not an option

The reason that a private jet was hired for the return trip to Paris was that the government plane “was not available at the time”, a spokesman for the RVD said.

Taking the train, nowadays promoted as an environmentally friendly alternative to the plane, was not an option. “Given the Prime Minister’s program, the longer travel time by train was not feasible,” said the RVD.

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