Ryan and Blake donated half a million to homeless youth

Both the Covenant House in Vancouver and Toronto received $ 250,000 from the actor couple. The non-profit organization provides food and shelter for homeless youth and helps them on their way to an independent and successful future. Ryan has been supporting the foundation for a while and is happy to help.

“Covenant House offers love, hope and stability to young people who have fled physical, emotional and sexual abuse. They do the work of superheroes,” Ryan said in a statement. “We don’t see helping Covenant House as a donation, but as an investment in compassion and empathy, things that the world needs more. The young people who come in there have often suffered a special trauma. But they are so much more than just that trauma. , they have so much to offer the world. “

The actor hopes others will follow his and Blake’s lead and make a donation to the Covenant House. “By donating you say you believe in these young people. You believe in the power of compassion that can change a person’s path of life.”

Any donation made before December 31 will be tripled (up to $ 375,000).


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