Ryanair boss doesn’t want ‘idiotic antivaxers’ on a plane

O’Leary is not in favor of a mandatory vaccination program, as is currently the case in Germany and Austria. Instead, he says governments should make life difficult for people who refuse a vaccine for no reason.

“If you’re not vaccinated, you shouldn’t be in the hospital, you shouldn’t be flying, you shouldn’t be on the London Underground, and you shouldn’t be getting into the local supermarket or your pharmacy,” he said. .

Fewer bookings

The omikron variant of the corona virus has considerably clouded the prospects for the recovery of, among others, the aviation sector. A new wave of restrictions is causing passengers to cancel or postpone bookings.

O’Leary expects Ryanair to carry 10 percent fewer passengers in December as a result, the paper said.


Ryanair was in the news at the beginning of this year, because it went to European court because other airlines received government support to get through the corona crisis.

According to the Irish budget fighter, tax deferrals for Air France had to be ended, among other things, because it was not fair that the French did not support foreign airlines. The airline lost the case.

Ryanair also brought a case over aid for airlines from Finland, Sweden and Denmark that only applies to airlines from that country. Ryanair also backed down in that case.

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