Ryzen 7000: benchmarks with 5.21 GHz boost clock

According to a first benchmark, the new Ryzen 7000 processors achieve a boost clock of 5.21 GHz.

With the Raphael CPUs, AMD is preparing for its first processors with Zen 4 technology. The Ryzen 7000 CPUs are expected to go on sale by the end of the year. Now the first benchmarks give indications of the performance of the new chips. Specifically, an AMD CPU with the designation OPN 100-000000666 has appeared in the Phoronix Test Suite, which has 8 cores and 16 threads. The entry has since been deleted. The Ryzen 7000 processor reaches 5.21 GHz in the boost clock in the benchmark. This would bring AMD back to its competitor Intel in terms of clock rates.

GPU with RDNA2 technology and 512 MB VRAM

All Ryzen 7000 processors should have an integrated graphics unit. This also appears in the benchmark as AMD GFX1036 and 512 MiB memory with clock rates of 1,000 and 2,000 MHz. The performance should be sufficient for running an office computer. The GPU is likely to be based on RDNA2 technology, so AMD is finally parting with the outdated GCN technology. The graphics unit should be very similar to the one that AMD uses in the Rembrandt processors.

Market launch in autumn

The benchmark shows that AMD will probably use a high boost clock in its Ryzen 7000 processors. In addition, there is a rather narrow graphics unit, which will certainly not be sufficient for current games, but saves PC builders an additional graphics card for office computers. An official presentation of the new processors can probably be expected in September. The start of sales should take place accordingly in autumn. AMD promises better overclocking options, plus DDR5-5200 RAM and a maximum TDP of 125 to 170 watts.

Rumor: Ryzen 7000 CPUs with up to 16 cores at up to 170 watts

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