Ryzen 7000: DDR5-6000 RAM should be optimal

DDR5-6000 modules could represent the sweet spot for the upcoming Ryzen 7000 CPUs from AMD.

Anyone planning a computer with a new Ryzen 7000 processor will sooner or later stumble over the question of which RAM modules are best suited for the new CPUs. Of course, this problem could be solved with the fastest RAM sticks available, but these chips are usually expensive and, in the worst case, remain underchallenged. According to our colleagues from Wccftech, DDR5-6000 modules should represent the “sweet spot” for the new Ryzen processors.

3,000MHz ideal

With DDR 6000 modules, the ratio of memory clock and frequency of the memory controller would ideally be 1:1. As a result, both the memory and the associated controller work at 3,000 MHz. The same ratio also applies in connection with the Infinity Fabric Clock, via which the individual cores communicate with each other. DDR5-6000 modules would also be the best choice here and would allow sharp latencies.

CPU, board and RAM

Even faster modules such as DDR5-6400, on the other hand, would not offer any tangible advantages with the upcoming Ryzen 7000 CPUs. The modules are more expensive and would not offer higher performance, for example in PC gaming. Old memory modules based on the DDR4 standard can no longer be used in conjunction with the new Ryzen chips. So upgraders can expect to buy a new mainboard, the new CPU and compatible RAM modules.

Presentation in a few weeks

AMD is expected to present its new Ryzen 7000 CPUs to the public on August 29th. The embargo for the press will probably fall on September 13th. And just two days later, the chips should be available in stores. However, these dates have not yet been officially confirmed by AMD.

New record: DDR5 RAM with 5,011 MHz

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