Ryzen 7000 with DDR5-5200 but no DDR4 RAM

The Ryzen processors of the 7000 series support DDR5-5200 memory, but no longer DDR4 RAM.

With “Raphael” AMD is preparing for its next generation of processors. These Ryzen 7000 CPUs require a new socket called AM5, but offer support for DDR5 memory and PCI-Express 5.0. Memory provider Apacer has now revealed that Ryzen 7000 will officially support DDR5-5200 memory. AMD could thus put itself ahead of its competitor Intel, which officially only supports DDR4-4800 in its Alder Lake CPUs. This would allow AMD to use 400 MHz faster RAM.

No DDR4 operation possible

In return, according to Apacer, AMD buyers have to do without operating a Ryzen 7000 processor with DDR4 memory. While Intel allows Alder Lake to be operated with DDR4 or DDR5, depending on the board, AMD seems to want to do without this alternative.

High prices for DDR5 memory

For upgraders, however, this means that in addition to a new AMD CPU, a new mainboard with new RAM must also be purchased. Intel’s old DDR4 working memory can also be used with a brand new Alder Lake CPU if the board is skilfully selected. This is also important because DDR5 RAM is currently significantly more expensive than the widespread DDR4 RAM. A 16 GB DDR5-5200 from Kingston still costs 130 euros, while a 16 GB DDR4-3200 module from the same manufacturer costs just under 70 euros. Should AMD actually allow faster RAM bars with the Ryzen 7000 processors, upgraders could still be offered a good incentive to upgrade. However, AMD has not yet officially confirmed these plans.

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