S. Oliver boss Lahrs is fundamentally turning the fashion giant inside out

S. Oliver boss Claus-Dietrich Lahrs.

S. Oliver boss Claus-Dietrich Lahrs.


It should be the last trick by Claus-Dietrich Lahrs. The manager wants to double the sales of the S.Oliver fashion group – to 2.5 billion euros by 2024. His contract then expires with the fashion giant. For this project, the former boss of Hugo Boss left the luxury tailor Bottega Veneta in 2019. This is what the “Manager Magazin” reports.

Lahrs wants to significantly reduce the workforce in the group. In the previous year, 400 employees had to leave, further job cuts cannot be ruled out today.

But it’s not just the “simple employees”. The S.Oliver boss also cuts the board down. In the future, the board of directors will consist of three managers. At the end of 2019, CFO Susanne Heckelsberger, HR manager Michael Picard and online expert Dirk Schneider had to leave, followed in the previous year by Mathias Eckert, Chief Sales Officer. Now, with product manager Kristina Szasz, the last top manager from the owner’s era has to abdicate, reports “Manager Magazin”.

The board will consist of three men in the future

Szasz’s successor, the former boss manager Katja Konradi, will not get a place on the management floor. The management of the fashion manufacturer will in future consist of three men: Claus-Dietrich Lahrs, CFO Volker Christ and Chief Operations Officer Oliver Hein.

According to “Manager Magazin”, Lahrs should take the French fashion group LVMH as a model for this conversion, where he worked for a long time. In the future, S.Oliver is to be run “tightly and centrally”. This also means that the Liebeskind and Comma subsidiaries must move closer to the parent company and work together more closely. Lahrs also uses the red pencil there: Comma boss Sonja Balodis recently had to leave, and sales director Niko Papadopoulus also had to take his hat off.

The Corona measures and the closed branches are a thorn in Lahr’s side, they hinder him in achieving his ambitious goal, reports the “Manager Magazin”. In the previous year, sales fell by 20 percent. For this reason, too, Lahrs has become one of the most prominent lobbyists in his industry who are demanding that the federal government quickly open the retail sector.


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