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The term vibe manager is not new: hip advertising agencies and Albert Heijn had already been looking for it before, but it had not yet been spotted in the hotel world. While the right atmosphere in a hotel is just so important. Sabina Dik is the vibe manager of the Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American. All 34 hotels of the chain have one, Sabina recently acquired the title for the Amsterdam branch.

“I take care of the atmosphere of the hotel and guard the Hard Rock concept. You have to think of choosing different types of music lists for within the different areas of the hotel, but also the lighting, the scent and more. I also ensure the right tone in all communication from the staff: here we can communicate more personally with the guest or tell about our favorite artist. It can all be a bit looser than with regular hotels. ”

In person

This is a personal one touch important, a trend that has become increasingly important in the hotel world in recent years. “The reason people go to this hotel is not just the bed or the room, the experience is also part of it. The guests want to leave with a good story. That could be because you hear your favorite song in the elevator, because someone spontaneously starts playing the guitar in the lobby or because you had a good conversation with the bartender about which Pink Floyd song is the best. ”

This personal approach is important, says Sabina, who previously worked at the Amsterdam Volkshotel. “I also know what it is like to feel uncomfortable somewhere, for example because of the way I look, with my tattoos and distinct style. I don’t want to make anyone feel that way when they walk into our home. It’s about everyone being seen, heard and equal. ”

Music connects

Of course, that ‘vibe’ is mainly created with music: guests can borrow Fender guitars and record players for in the room, in order to hear their favorite tones. She also thinks about events such as a performance, virtual presentations about music, an academy in which the science of music is central or a collection of items from well-known artists.

I am not doing a play, all attention is genuine. I act out of feeling. Furthermore, you must be able to see what it takes to create an ambiance, does the music suit the atmosphere well? Can I mean a little more for a guest? The vibe is everything. Then it is only a place to sleep, but the added value of this hotel is not felt. I want everyone to feel at home in a place where music and entertainment bring everyone together. ”


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