Sad: More people are dying on the road again – the reason

The Federal Statistical Office reports a trend reversal: more people are dying on the road again.

A positive side of the Covid-19 pandemic was the noticeably reduced traffic on the streets due to the lockdown and the home office regulation. This resulted in a decrease in road deaths, or as the statisticians put it: “The number of accidents in the last two years was strongly influenced by the corona pandemic. The corona measures also led to a lower mileage in the comparison period of 2021 and thus to less Accidents and casualties on the road.” But that was over in May 2022, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office Destatis.

But the numbers also show that despite Covid-19, more people drove in the summer – holidays?


But the numbers also show that despite Covid-19, more people drove in the summer – holidays?

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Corona isn’t really over yet, but the dead are back

According to preliminary results, 254 people were killed and 35,100 injured in road traffic accidents in Germany in May 2022. That was 45 road deaths and 10,200 injuries (+41%) more than in May 2021 (when working from home was more widespread and travel on the roads was significantly reduced). However, the May 2022 figures are roughly at the level of May 2019 and thus in the time before the pandemic: there was exactly one traffic fatality and 2100 injuries (+7%) more in May 2022. At 218,700, the number of accidents recorded by the police was 7% lower than in May 2019.

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In the first five months of 2022, the police recorded a total of around 948,600 road accidents. That was 14% or 114,000 more than in the first five months of 2021, which were more affected by the corona pandemic. This included 102,500 accidents involving personal injury (+28% or +22,500), in which 959 people were killed. The number of traffic fatalities rose by 14% or 117 people compared to the same period of the previous year. The number of road traffic injuries increased by 29% or 29,000 to 128,100.

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