Salary at Google: This is how much the company pays its employees

CEO Sundar Pichai.

REUTERS / Beck Diefenbach

The technology giant Google is not only seen as an extremely innovative employer. The company also has a reputation for paying very high salaries to many employees. But how much can an employee really earn there?

It is known to be offered up to $ 353,000 to a software engineer. A Vice President of Engineering can even win up to $ 475,000 annually. It’s not really surprising that engineers can make big bucks at Google. But there are some other items that are remunerated with a six-part amount. For example, a lawyer who was supposed to work for the company received an offer worth $ 290,000 annually.

Google is actually reluctant to talk about salaries. However, as soon as the group applies for a visa for foreign employees in the USA, the company must disclose how much it intends to pay the specialist. has reviewed more than 6,000 Visa applications and figured out how much Google good employees are worth.

However, the research does not cover every position on Google. Only those positions for which the group has applied for a visa. In addition, only data on base pay is disclosed. The majority of the positions listed are based in California or New York. But there are also positions in Texas, Washington, Colorado, and Illinois. Unless otherwise noted, salary ranges shown are for recruitment in all states.

This picture gallery has been translated from English. You can find the original here.

Engineer, designer, lawyer: that’s how much Google pays its employees


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