Salary comparison 2021: Professions, industries and regions with top salaries

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Although the salary is one of the most important decision-making bases, it is rarely discussed openly in Germany. Information on this is missing in job advertisements. Surveys show that often not even the partner knows what the other deserves. If you still want to know who earns how much, you can use the data in the salary report on the Stepstone job platform as a guide.

Every year, experts from the job portal, which, like, belongs to Axel-Springer, analyze over 250,000 salary data and summarize it in a report. The top earners in 2021 are clearly doctors with an average gross salary of almost 90,000 euros per year.

Most of the money is in the financial sector

Broken down by industry, the banks top the table with 69,600 euros, closely followed by the pharmaceutical industry with 69,500 euros and the automotive industry with 69,500 euros. Jobs in the chemical sector are also well paid. Here, employees can expect an average of 66,200 euros.

In contrast, employees who have looked for a job in the areas of health and social services (45,700 euros), media (45,100 euros) and sales (45,100 euros) earn significantly less than the national average of 57,000 euros determined by Stepstone. Craftsmen and women in the last two places with around 44,700 euros as well as employees in the secretariat or administration.

Country comparison: Hessen beats Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

In addition to the industry and professional field, the place of work is also decisive for how much someone earns. There are still clear differences between the old and the new federal states: the highest salaries are paid in the south and south-west, while earnings are lowest in the east.

In a state comparison, Hessen beats Baden-Württemberg with an average salary of almost 61,000 euros and Bavaria with 60,200 euros and 60,000 euros, respectively. This is not least due to the fact that employees in the financial center of Frankfurt am Main have a comparatively very average salary of 66,500 euros.

In the lower places in the country ranking, on the other hand, Brandenburg landed with an average of 47,000 euros, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with 47,400 euros and Saxony-Anhalt with 47,800 euros.

If you enter a state in the search field, you will see the usual salaries there.

Personnel responsibility is a big plus

Personnel responsibility, on the other hand, pays off everywhere: Managers earn around 16 percent more than the average employee. According to Stepstone, even the responsibility for one to four employees is reflected in an increase of around 7,600 euros.

Anyone who even holds a management position in a large company with over 100 employees earns an average of almost six figures, namely 96,350 euros.

But even without personnel responsibility, employees in large corporations earn significantly more than in smaller companies. While the salary in companies with over 10,000 employees is an average of 73,400 euros, companies with a size of up to ten employees only pay 44,100 euros.

Women earn an average of 11,500 euros less than men

A university degree is reflected in a plus of around 33 percent more salary. And the doctorate also pays off: the average salary for doctorates is around 83,700 euros. After completing an apprenticeship, however, you only earn a little more than half of that, namely 43,500 euros. For a master’s degree there is an average of 7,000 euros more than for a bachelor’s degree – which, however, varies greatly in the different professional fields.

Ultimately, there is still the gender pay gap: with around 60,500 euros, men earn six percent more than the overall average, while women are well below the overall average at around 49,000 euros.

So if you want to earn a lot in Germany, you should ideally work in the south-west, have studied, be responsible for personnel in a large corporation, be male – and work in one of the following professions.

Top salaries in 2021: These professions have the most money


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