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Closed hairdressers, canceled trade fairs or metalworkers on short-time work: The lockdown in spring due to the corona pandemic has also left its mark on the craft sector. The situation has eased somewhat in the meantime. Among other things, job advertisements in the skilled trades rose again in the third quarter – by 13 percent. This is shown by the job atlas of the Stepstone platform, which regularly analyzes more than two million job postings.

Companies in the building trade are again looking for skilled workers. The number of advertised positions there was last as much as before the pandemic. This is because tradespeople benefit from public investments – for example in building new schools, explains Tobias Zimmermann, labor market expert at Stepstone. In addition, the crisis is reviving the trend towards building a home.

Technicians sense the ailing automotive industry

The situation with technicians, on the other hand, is more difficult: The number of offers for locksmiths is still 42 percent below the value of last year. This is because they often work in large industrial companies, for example in the automotive industry.

Even if fewer jobs are currently advertised, the skilled trades still lack skilled workers. So this profession continues to offer secure prospects. Depending on which area you work in, you earn a pretty good salary. The amount is also largely based on the size of the company. Large companies with more than 10,000 employees pay their employees almost 40 percent more than companies with a maximum of ten employees, as the Stepstone salary report shows.

The location also has an impact on the level of earnings. While a craftsman in Munich costs almost 50,000 euros a year, in Saxony-Anhalt it is only 35,700 euros. On a nationwide average, craftsmen earn 43,800 euros gross per year. The differences between individual professions are clear, however.

That’s how much you earn in various trades


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