Salary ranking: This is how much young professionals earn in the federal states

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The start of the semester is just around the corner for many young academics. Students are also unsettled by the pandemic and its effects. Many are wondering whether the economic situation will reduce salaries in the future. A study by the salary platform “” provides information about this and also shows that there are large differences between the federal states in Germany in terms of starting salaries for academics.

For the study, the salary information of 43,782 academic professionals was analyzed. According to this, employees earn 48,100 euros a year in the first three years after graduation. Men continue to earn an average of 5,000 euros more than women.

Starting salary in the east is much lower

How high the starting salary is after graduation does not only depend on the degree and the subject, but also on the federal state in which you can find a job. The study shows that there are still major differences between the old and new federal states.

Baden-Württemberg is therefore the most attractive region for academic career starters. Here, an income of 52,100 euros awaits career starters with a fresh university degree. In Hesse (EUR 51,800) and Bavaria (EUR 49,600) the salary level is comparatively high.

Contrasting program, however, in the east of the republic. With the exception of Berlin, the starting salary for academics in all federal states is below 40,000 euros. At the lower end of the statistics are Brandenburg (38,150 euros) and Saxony-Anhalt (37,430 euros). Academic career starters earn the least in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (36,200 euros).

However, “” managing director Philip Bierbach does not expect wages to fall due to the pandemic. “On the one hand, a reduction in starting salaries for companies would result in a competitive disadvantage on the labor market after the end of the crisis. On the other hand, wage structures within a company must remain uniform and internally comparable, ”he emphasizes.

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