Salary Report: You earn the most money in these professions

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In which professions is there the most money? The salary report of the job platform “Stepstone” reveals it. It not only provides information on the highest paid jobs, but also on which factors still play a role in salary.

Are you satisfied with your salary? If not, the “Salary Report 2019” gives you an indication of how much money you can claim at the next salary negotiation. Salary information from around 85,000 specialists and managers was evaluated for the study.

A study is almost always worthwhile in terms of salary

The study shows that other factors are also decisive for your salary. One thing is clear: studying almost always pays off on the pay slip. An entry-level graduate earning 47,541 euros on average. For comparison: Without a degree, it is only 35,933 euros. And the greater the professional experience, the greater the wage differentials: after 25 years, an academic has reached 83,621 euros, a non-academic only 54,989 euros.

But the region in which you live also makes a difference: Hesse earns the most with an average of 65,296 euros, closely followed by Baden-Württemberg (62,375 euros) and Bavaria (62,172 euros). At the lower end, however, you will find Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (42,063 euros), Saxony-Anhalt (42,340 euros) and Saxony (43,096 euros).

Large companies pay more salary

If you want to increase your salary, you don’t necessarily have to move. It can also be worthwhile to move to a larger company. In companies with fewer than 500 employees, salaries are ten percent lower than the average, whereas companies with more than 1,000 employees pay 15 percent more.

Even those who can change industries have the opportunity to increase their salary. The best way to earn money at banks is on average € 70,873, but the pharmaceutical industry (€ 70,043) and vehicle construction and suppliers (€ 67,942) also promise attractive salaries.

Disclaimer: Like, Stepstone belongs to Axel Springer SE.

Salary Report: You earn the most money in these professions

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