Sales of small bottles of wine and sparkling wine increase by 20 to even 50%: “Corona has given that offer a boost”

General increase

In the past year, small bottles have become considerably more popular with wine and sparkling wine lovers. Supermarkets and beverage wholesalers are clearly seeing the increase in their sales figures.

Retail chain Lidl sees a sales increase of 17%. Carrefour and Delhaize record a growth of 20% compared to last year. “That is good for more sales of about 300,000 bottles in a year. That is a huge success, ”says Delhaize spokesman Roel Dekelver.

At Aldi the figures are even higher. “Especially since the holidays, sales are going fast at us,” said Aldi spokesman Jason Sevestre. “In December, we saw a doubling of the sales of our small bottles of sparkling wine. This trend continues to this day. The fact that we have to limit ourselves to smaller bubbles does not mean that our customers will drink less bubbles, ”concludes Sevestere.

The small bottles of bubbly also performed particularly well at Colruyt in December, with sales doubling. For the small bottles of red, white or rosé wine, the increase is limited to 20%.

Liquor store Prik & Tik notices that the small bottles of cava in particular are extremely popular: “During the first lockdown, sales tripled. In the summer that fell a bit due to the relaxation, but during the second lockdown the demand for small bottles of cava was unbelievably high: we sold 25 times more of them than usual! “Says Jan Daelemans of Prik & Tik.” At one point moment it was no longer the question ‘Which brand do you want?’, but ‘Which brand is available?’. “

Lasting Success?

According to Colruyt, the small bottles owe their success solely to the corona measures. “We are convinced that sales will decline when the measures relax,” says Olivier Tournet, wine consultant at Colruyt. “When people can come together again in larger groups, they will quickly revert to normal bottles.”

But Roel Dekelver of Delhaize does not agree with this. According to him, the small bottles will remain popular: “They give the customer the opportunity to vary in different flavors and wine types. It is also a much more convenient format for small families or singles ”.

According to Jan Daelemans of Prik & Tik, the small bottles are also going to be a keeper. “People got to know the product during the lockdown. As long as many breakfast packages are sold and as long as companies, for example, deliver small bottles of cava as a thank you to their staff, those figures will remain high. Once the corona crisis is over, it will fall back a bit. But small bottles were already popular in the catering industry, so those sales will partly make up for the decline ”, says Daelemans.

The range of small bottles of wine is wider than that of sparkling wines. “Suppliers are responding to rising demand and the range has expanded,” Daelemans adds. Quality also plays a major role. “With cava, for example, it is about the same as with large bottles. With the small bottles of wine, it is generally about good quality wines, but not about the top quality as with the large bottles ”, Daelemans concludes.

On the pages of “The Inspector” you can read the opinion of sommelier Sepideh Sedaghatnia about the quality of (foam) wine in small bottles.


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