Salesforce gives transgender staff clothing allowance and paid leave

The benefits package for transgender workers that already applied in the United States has been available to all staff since this week. Salesforce provides software that helps other companies keep in touch with their customers and employs 56,000 people worldwide, according to the most recent annual report.

Reimbursement of medical costs

Of these, almost 700 work in the Netherlands, says spokesperson Anja van Beijnum. The package support for gender dysphoria obviously also applies to them. Gender dysphoria is the official term for people who have a deep sense of dissatisfaction with the gender they were born with.

It will mainly be the additional conditions that will be received with joy. Many medical costs for a sex change are reimbursed by health insurers in the basic insurance, confirms spokesperson Gerrie Riemersma of Zorgverzekeraars Nederland.

It is important to inquire with your insurer which practitioners they have a contract with, otherwise you may still have to pay part of the costs.

Hormone therapy and hair transplant

You could then perhaps declare it to Salesforce. In countries where medical costs are not reimbursed, employees receive an amount of 40,000 dollars. This allows them to pay for operations, plastic surgery, medicines and hormone therapy. Hair transplantation or its removal is also reimbursed.

It doesn’t stop there: transgenders receive 500 dollars (converted 440 euros) to supplement their wardrobe. In order to properly arrange the gender reassignment on paper, up to 1000 dollars in legal costs can be claimed.

In addition, Salesforce gives employees four weeks of paid leave to recover from the procedure. Incidentally, that is a lot less than the total of 24 weeks of leave that IKEA gives its transgender employees, spread over a period of ten years.

Update 6.05 pm:

The headline of this story has been edited. It said unpaid leave, but it is paid leave.

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