Samsung could have bought Android – but the founder was laughed at

Android developer Andy Rubin initially pitched his idea at Samsung.

But the managers refused and even asked him if he was “too buzzing”. Fred Vogelstein reports in his treatise on the competition between Google and Apple “How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution.”

The deal with Google came a year later. Google was worth a whopping 50 million dollars for the Android operating system.

If the Samsung managers in office in 2004 had had a little more confidence, the Android operating system might not run on 80 percent of all new smartphones sold in Germany today, but perhaps only on those that Samsung manufactures.

Android inventor Andy Rubin did not go to Google first to present his product, but to the South Korean company. In 2004 Rubin was able to present his idea there, a year after the founding of a system that was originally intended for the operation of digital cameras and only gradually developed into a smartphone operating system.

But instead of a contract, he received ridicule from the Samsung managers. “They laughed at me from the boardroom,” he says according to author Fred Vogelstein in his book “How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution,” reports the portal “futurezone”. One manager even called into the hall: “You and which army will make it? You have six people, don’t you? Are you booming? ”

The million dollar deal with Google came a year later

But apparently Samsung has not recognized the potential of Android. Just a year later, it already belonged to the pond giant and competitor Google – who had bought it for $ 50 million. A day after the deal was announced, Rubin received a call from South Korea: whether he and Samsung could not talk about the pitch again.

Today there are 2.5 billion active smartphones that run on an Android operating system; probably because manufacturers do not have to pay license fees to Google. Andy Rubin is Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google, responsible for further development there. And Samsung smartphones only run on an Android operating system.


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