Samsung feature hides photos when repairing

With a “Repair Mode”, Samsung wants to give owners of a Galaxy smartphone a good feeling in the event of a repair.

Anyone who sends their smartphone to the manufacturer or a suitable workshop to have it repaired usually has a bad feeling. Finally, the employees can examine the images and videos stored on the cell phone. Exactly for such cases, the manufacturer Samsung has now introduced a new feature, which should give the cell phone owner a clear conscience.

Limited access to the smartphone

In a press release, Samsung introduces a function that was simply named “Repair Mode”. This gives technicians only limited access to the data stored on the smartphone. It is likely that important system functions that are absolutely necessary for a repair will continue to be available. In return, all private photos and videos should remain hidden from prying eyes.

First on the Galaxy S21

First, the Galaxy S21 should be considered with the new function. Only later is the “Repair Mode” also planned for other smartphones from the manufacturer. The function can probably be activated via the “Battery and device protection” setting. After that, the smartphone reboots into repair mode, which hides accounts, photos, and messages. Employees should only be able to use the apps installed by default. The “Repair Mode” can only be deactivated by the owner of the smartphone, probably via a numerical code or activation via fingerprint. Exactly when Samsung wants to use “Repair Mode” remains to be seen. It is to be hoped that the manufacturer will also offer this very useful function in this country and also for older devices.

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