Samsung Galaxy A41, A51 and A71 have fallen in price

Under the guise of free VAT, the best-selling smartphones are being heavily discounted in “Samsung Week”.

Apple Week, Xiaomi Week and now it’s Samsung Week again. Over several days there are huge discounts on most gadgets from South Korea, because MediaMarkt and Saturn offer an effective discount of around 16% on almost everything from the South Korean manufacturer. Of course, there are also attractive smartphone deals again, including the extremely popular A-series for less.

We rummaged through the deals in advance and quickly found what we were looking for. The bestsellers in the A-series are all available at discounted prices and are also available in different colors. Below you will find prices and links for the Galaxy A41, A51 and A71:



“VAT free”

The “Galaxy Week” campaign runs at Saturn and MediaMarkt until 11:59 pm on February 19th. The VAT discount of an effective 15.966% applies to devices from the product categories smartphone (excluding the S21 series), tablet, notebook, wireless headphones, wearables, accessories and memory cards.

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