Samsung Galaxy A50 tested in everyday life

With the Galaxy A50 last year, Samsung offered a bestseller that is already available today for just under € 250. It does quite well in the test.

With the Galaxy A50 last year Samsung offered a bestseller in the middle price range, which we have now looked at a little bit more closely for a test report. The Galaxy A50 is particularly interesting today because the price keeps falling. The mid-range smartphone should therefore be interesting for more and more people who would like to spend less than € 300 on a new Android smartphone. With the Galaxy A50, Samsung basically offers the golden middle of its A-series and, since last year, has also had plenty of interesting features on board.

Cyberport provided us with the device for a test report, and the online shop for all consumer electronics once again proved to be a reliable partner. Take a look there, all well-known Android smartphones are always available there at good prices. Thanks for the cooperation!

A lot of display for little money

For example, it is not common in this price range to install an AMOLED display with an integrated fingerprint sensor. Samsung is swimming against the current. A generous panel with a 6.4 ″ screen diagonal can convince with good picture quality in everyday life. Usually, there is a lack of maximum brightness in this price range, and the Galaxy A50 can of course not keep up with expensive devices. The display has a sharp display, does not appear too warm or cool, and has no blue or red shimmer. There are not the usual weaknesses despite the price range. Another positive aspect is the overall slim bezel.

Samsung Galaxy A50 review

The built-in fingerprint sensor, on the other hand, is not a revelation, the optical technology lags behind the more advanced ultrasound. The detection is neither so accurate, nor is the smartphone unlocked at lightning speed. Nevertheless, the built-in sensor mostly worked reliably in everyday life. In combination with the face unlock, the Galaxy A50 is ready to use in all situations. This combination works particularly quickly with many devices.

Typical: camera weakens in poor light

Samsung wants to be able to serve different needs with the integrated triple camera. The aperture of F1.7 gives the 25 MP main sensor quite a lot of light, there is also a camera for ultra-wide angle and a third camera for the bokeh effect. Effects and other stuff are offered with various additional software. We are less interested. We want to take photos from the hip that look as good as possible. This works when there is a lot of daylight. Weak ambient light quickly affects the camera.

The pictures are definitely okay in daylight and outdoors. In the ultra-wide angle, more pictures can be quickly captured, but the photos distort visibly towards the corners. There are also large deviations in color rendering and sharpness, which is partly due to the different aperture. Samsung could have saved the third sensor for bokeh, which unfortunately does not give good results. In any case, I see too many mistakes for my part, the background is cut off too blatantly from the foreground and that is usually not very accurate.

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20200102 110256

20200202 163555

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20200201 125625

20200128 164820

20200128 164748

20200128 082001

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Fast enough on your feet and lengthy

I didn’t hope for miracles from the built-in 4000 mAh battery. In everyday life, however, I never had the feeling that the battery was draining too quickly. With the Galaxy A50, Samsung basically offers a balanced package of battery life and system performance. Sometimes the device could react a little faster. Not every step is carried out immediately. But I’m basically used to faster devices from my everyday life, my perception is distorted in this regard.

Is the Galaxy A50 enough for games? Definitely. I was even surprised at how well Asphalt 9 ran in a short trial with the default settings set from download. You can play with the Galaxy A50 and even more complex games don’t seem to be impossible. Samsung even provides the AR Emojis, which don’t run 100% smoothly but can still be used. 4 GB of RAM should be sufficient for ordinary requirements for a while.

In addition to USB-C and jack connection, a single and quite simple loudspeaker is installed on the bottom, which would certainly only have earned the grade 4-. On the other hand, the openness to the usual is better, since wired headphones can be used without an adapter, the 128 GB data storage can be expanded via microSD, WiFi with 5 GHz is included and Bluetooth 5 LE. It even fits two SIM cards in the Samsung smartphone.

Conclusion: Samsung’s A series is worth a recommendation

You have just read it, the Galaxy A50 has all modern functions on board. No matter whether current Bluetooth, fast WLAN or enough memory ex works. A good AMOLED display is not a matter of course in this price range. I really wanted to try the Galaxy A50 because it sold a lot last year and I haven’t had a Galaxy A in my hand for a long time. I have not regretted this attempt. On the contrary, there is serious competition for the Moto G series from Motorola.

If you choose a device in this price range, which at the time of the test report was around € 250, you must also check the Samsung portfolio. The South Koreans moved a long-neglected price category back up the priority list and that was a good decision for us customers. You probably don’t want to leave this field entirely to Huawei and Co. The colors are also visually striking because they shimmer differently.

Samsung Galaxy A50 review 2


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