Samsung Galaxy S20 FE + 10 GB LTE tariff (Vodafone) at a top price

Samsung Vodafone Bundle: For an attractive complete package consisting of a smartphone and tariff, you can currently stop by MediaMarkt.

Anyone who opts for a new smartphone and a new tariff will not be able to ignore the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE or Vodafone network at the moment. Both are currently available in an attractive bundle that Mobilcom is offering via MediaMarkt. A one-time fee of only 19 euros is due for the smartphone, the monthly price is around 25 euros for the first two years.

In return you get a decent tariff in the second best network in the country and a currently very popular Android phone. If we add the current street price of the smartphone against the total costs, the effective monthly tariff would be less than 7 euros! We use this to determine how good or fair this offer is.

Important key data for the bundle:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  • 10 GB data volume
  • LTE in the Vodafone network
  • Allnet flat rate in all German networks
  • 24.99 euros monthly costs
  • 19 + 40 euros one-time (hardware + AP)
  • 24-month term

There are 5 colors to choose from for the smartphone, so you can definitely customize it.

Screenshot of the action:

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