Samsung Galaxy S20 +, Galaxy Watch3 / Active2 and Galaxy Tab A fall in price

Samsung fans get their money’s worth with the current offers, Amazon offers smartphones, smartwatches and tablets.

Now the offers for American Thanksgiving are picking up speed. A few more devices from Samsung from the Galaxy universe are also part of the game. A tablet is particularly cheap, the smallest version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A T510 (32 GB memory) is only available for 127 euros. It’s the best price on the web.

1 year more: Amazon offers a longer warranty

But there is also higher quality hardware from Samsung at a special price, such as the current Samsung Galaxy S20 + for only 599.99 euros. That may still be a lot of money, but it is the best price on the (German) Internet right now. In addition, Amazon offers us an extended warranty for a total of 36 months. You have the choice of blue, black and gray.

PS: Samsung smartphones are also cheaper, with some retailers offering the Galaxy S10 + at the best price.

And a couple of smartwatches are cheaper. Including the Galaxy Watch Actvive2, which is available for less than 200 euros. The even more recent Galaxy Watch3 starts at less than 300 euros. There are different colors and designs available, you can choose from a total of twelve variants of the two watches.

Duration of the offers: According to the German Amazon website, the price reductions mentioned are only available until Friday as long as the Black Friday campaign is still running. But this does not automatically mean that the promotional prices will not be extended afterwards.

Note: Prices and the products offered can change shortly before or during the promotion. We have no influence on that. We also recommend taking a look at a price comparison on your own before buying. More deals here. If you have a tip for us, join our Telegram group!


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