Samsung Galaxy S20: the best tips and tricks

The new Galaxy S20 series with the S20 Ultra on top offers pretty cool features – not everyone can be found immediately, many are hidden! We show you the most important tips and tricks for the S20 models!

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With these Galaxy S20 tips and tricks you become a professional user. We show you how to activate 96 Hertz on the display, how to configure the side light, how to optimize the operation and how to correctly assign the function key. But the Galaxy S20 models offer much more hidden features: shortcuts over the fingerprint scanner, save 8K videos as photos and and and … The 10 best tips and tricks for your Galaxy S20 / Galaxy S20 Ultra are in this video.

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With his

                                                                                                                                        Galaxy S20 series (in hands-on with all information)
                                             Samsung exaggerates: Up to 108 megapixels, huge displays with 120 Hertz, 5G, large batteries and much more. The hardware is more than strong – so that you really get the most out of the devices, you will find the best tips & tricks for your Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra here.

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Tip 1: set 120 Hertz

Tip 1 set 120 Hertz


Tip 1 set 120 Hertz

© pisitnamtasaeng / IDG

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One of the new features compared to its predecessors is that the dynamic AMOLED displays of the Galaxy S20 series now support a high refresh rate of 120 Hertz – previously it was a maximum of 60 Hertz. Due to the twice as high frequency, content on the screen is significantly smoother – you will notice this especially when scrolling on Instagram, for example, but actually also during normal operation in menus. By default, the screen is set to Full HD + and 60 Hertz. To increase the refresh rate, activate the option

High repetition frequency (120 Hertz)


Settings – Display – Refresh rate

. Important to know: 120 Hertz cannot be combined with the higher resolution WQHD +, you can continue to use it with a maximum of 60 Hertz. You can find the resolution under

Settings – display – screen resolution

to adjust.

We recommend the combination of Full HD + and 120 Hertz, as the resolution is high enough and double the Hertz number is more fun.


In the XDA Developers Forum, a developer has one

                                                                                                                                        minimalist app released
                                            , with which you can also set 96 Hertz. Since 60 Hertz is very little and of course 120 Hertz also affect battery life, 96 Hertz is a good compromise. Because the battery life is spared a little while you still have to do without the benefits of a higher refresh rate. To download the app from the forum, you must first register for free in the XDA Developers forum. In the app, ignore the message that it was developed for an older version of Android and tap the button

Set 96HZ

. In this case, you have to believe the app that it works because the settings themselves activate the Hertz number that you previously selected.

Tip 2: set navigation gestures

Tip 2 gesture control


Tip 2 gesture control

© pisitnamtasaeng / IDG


Settings – Display – Navigation bar

you can set the navigation type on your Galaxy S20 model. The commands “Recent Apps, Home and Back” can either be executed using the classic navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen or using gestures in full screen. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to return to the homescreen. Swipe up and stop, then open the most recently used apps. Swipe from the edge of the screen to the center, then take a step back. By the way: Swipe up from the bottom left or right edge of the screen, start Google Assistant.

Tip 3: Open notification panel faster / one-handed mode

Tip 3 notification panel


Tip 3 notification panel

© pisitnamtasaeng / IDG

While you can barely operate the Galaxy S20 with one hand, it becomes almost impossible with a Galaxy S20 + and especially a S20 Ultra. And therefore it can be difficult to pull down the notification menu. It’s a lot easier if you just swipe down on the center of the screen. So finally swipe up there to open the app menu. To do this, activate the option

Swipe down for notification box


Settings – Display – Home screen


Tip 3 one-handed mode

But to be able to operate a Galaxy S20 Ultra completely with one hand, there is a little trick. In the


under under

Advanced features – one-handed mode

activate the option

Use one-handed mode

. If navigation gestures are set, simply swipe down at the bottom of the screen to reduce the entire surface of the mobile phone. Tap on the small arrow, move the area from right to left and vice versa. Tap on the black area to return to the standard view.

Tip 4: Adjust the function key (right side) and reassign it

Tip 4 function key

The Galaxy S20 models no longer have a power button on the case, as you are used to from almost any other smartphone. Instead there is a so-called “function key” on the right side of the smartphone. The factory setting is as follows: Briefly press the button, switch off the screen. Long press and start Samsung’s own voice assistant Bixby. And if you tap twice quickly, you can start any app immediately (unassigned at the factory). Navigate to

Settings – Extended functions – Function key

and determine what should happen when you press the button.

To switch off the cell phone at the factory, press and hold the function key and the Leister key. Or you can pull down the status bar and tap the switch-off symbol in the quick panel.

Tip 5: Set dark mode for a cool look

Tip 5 Dark Mode

You will find the dark mode in the quick settings (toggles) of your Galaxy S20. Or you can turn it on in the Settings under Display. As soon as you activate the Dark Mode, the browser, notification field and the settings are displayed dark instead of white. This should protect your eyes especially in dark surroundings. This also gives the system a cooler look, which is why you should also try the Dark Mode as standard settings.

Tip 6: Start shortcuts using the fingerprint sensor

Tip 6 shortcuts

The Galaxy S20 offers the option of showing shortcuts above the fingerprint sensor to start an app right away – for example, the phone app or the camera. You don’t even have to have a fingerprint as an unlocking method. Navigate to

Settings – lock screen – shortcuts

and choose here

Floating button

out. Below you can determine which app you want to start using the left and right shortcut.

Tip 7: Side screen – adjust side panels and side light

Tip 7 side panels

Side panels:

The display of the Galaxy S20 devices is no longer as curved as before, but the side screen still exists. The side panels that you already know from the predecessor are also hidden here. If you don’t pay attention to them, you won’t even notice that they are activated at the factory. At the level of the volume rocker there is a gray transparent line on the right edge of the screen. Drag it to the center with your finger, then go to the side screen. Three panels are set at the factory



Smart Select



. Under


you can, for example, determine quick access to an app or even an app pair. With an app pair, two apps open immediately. Tap on one

Plus symbol

or on

To edit

to store apps. And at Tools you will find a ruler or a flashlight, for example.

To select additional side panels, tap on the bottom left

Gear icon

. Here you can also deactivate the side screen when you don’t need it.

Tip 7 sidelight


In the



Display – side screen

can be found next to the

Side panels

also the option


, which is also activated by default. For notifications, a pop-up appears at the top of the screen and the edge of the screen lights up. Under

Lighting style

you can determine exactly with what effect your cell phone should shine. Tap here


and then on

App color

, then you can choose the color for each app. The main color of the app icon appears by default.

Tip 8: film videos in 8K and save photos as a moment

Tip 8: 8K videos

The camera of the Galaxy S20 is not only suitable for photos, but also for videos: With all three S20 models, you can even film the clips in 8K. The advantage of 8K videos is that they look particularly good on a large screen and can be zoomed far into the recording without suffering a major loss of quality. However, there are also some disadvantages. Firstly, the file size, because a 60-second 8K video uses around 600 megabytes of memory. The maximum duration of an 8K video is also limited to five minutes and the video runs at 24 frames per second. With the high resolution, you also have to do without image stabilization.

Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra 5G offer you the great opportunity to save a single moment from the 8K video as a high-resolution photo. Simply play the finished video, pause at the scene you want to convert into a photo and tap on the top left

Snap icon

. The snapshots are now also in the gallery.

Tip 9: Wireless Powershare

Tip 9: Wireless Powershare


Tip 9: Wireless Powershare

© pisitnamtasaeng / IDG

With the Galaxy S20 models, you can use other Qi-enabled devices like that

wireless in-ears Galaxy Buds

charge. To do this, activate in

Quick settings

(Pull down the status bar) the function

Wireless powershare

. Then place the device to be charged on the back of the Galaxy S20 – it will charge.

Tip 10: Bixby routines

Tip 10: Bixby routines


Tip 10: Bixby routines

© pisitnamtasaeng / IDG

With Bixby routines you can set what the cell phone should do under certain conditions. The routines can be found at

Settings – Advanced Features – Bixby Routines

. There you will find some pre-made routines that you can also customize. About the

Plus symbol

you can also define completely your own routines. Under


set conditions such as location and time. Under


set which action should be carried out afterwards. For example, Bluetooth and WLAN are activated and the YouTube app starts. There are lots of scenarios and actions here that you can activate. You can also execute a quick command.

Tip 11: Show more than three notification icons

Tip 11: more than three notifications


Tip 11: more than three notifications

© pisitnamtasaeng / IDG

By default, three current notification icons are displayed next to each other in the status bar at the top of the screen. To display further notifications there, activate

All notifications


Settings – Notifications – Status bar

. Here you can also set that the charge is shown in percent next to the battery indicator in the status bar.

Tip 12: reduce animations

Tip 12: animations

The option

Reduce animations

can be found at

Settings – advanced functions

. With it, you weaken certain screen effects that appear, for example, when opening or closing apps. This will increase the performance of your Galaxy S20.

Tip 13: Hide the front camera (punch hole)

Tip 13: camera section


Tip 13: camera section

© pisitnamtasaeng / IDG

Samsung installs the front camera in the Galaxy S20 directly in the display, in the so-called punch hole. Due to this small “hole” in the top middle, the Galaxy S20 has particularly thin screen edges, which means that the case is hardly larger than the display. Despite its size, it is still reasonably compact. If you are bothered by this small screen cutout, you can go to

Settings – Display – Full Screen Apps


Hide camera section

. The S20 then shows a black bar at the top of the screen. A more elegant solution would be to set a dark background image, which makes the punch hole less noticeable.

Tip 14: Record “Single-Take” with the camera

Tip 14: single take

With the Galaxy S20, Samsung has introduced a new photo mode, which is now also available for software updates

                                                                                                                                                                                    Galaxy S10 series (view S10 at Amazon)
                                             gives. If you are not sure whether you should take a normal photo, a wide angle, a short Boomerang video or another recording, then we recommend the “Single Take”, which simply does everything at the same time. A recording takes up to 15 seconds – ideally move your smartphone to get as many different types of recording and different angles. The camera takes up to 14 pictures in total. You can see the result in the gallery. Sometimes the software even puts a filter over one of the pictures – very cool! It is definitely worth experimenting with this mode.

Tip 15: Quick tips for the camera and gallery

Tip 15: camera tips

Swipe your finger down on the shutter button in the camera app and hold it down on the display, then take a series of up to 100 pictures in a row. You can then select the best photo in the gallery or delete all of it. And if you keep the shutter release button pressed for a long time, then start a video recording.

There are three zoom levels above the shutter release: wide angle, standard and 5x zoom. Swipe this symbol to the left or right, then you can freely choose the zoom between 0.6 and 100 times (on the Galaxy S20 Ultra).

In Photo mode, tap the filter icon that looks like a magic wand in the upper right. Here you can use one of the standard filters and take a photo with an effect. You can also select a photo from your gallery, the Galaxy S20 will then try to recognize the colors and effects and transfer them to the photo to be taken.

Tip 15: Gallery Pinch-to-Zoom


Tip 15: Gallery Pinch-to-Zoom

© pisitnamtasaeng / IDG

In the gallery you can enlarge and reduce the preview of the images using pinch-to-zoom. You can pull two fingers together or apart on the display.


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